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In this workshop you will build and age a Parisian rooftop art studio that will make a great showpiece for any artistic items that you choose to place within.  It has a sloped window allowing diffused light into the interior, rough wood floors, wood or plaster ceiling (which you can choose to alter in class), basic storage closet, workbench and a certain amount of clutter (the easel and stool shown in the photos are not included since this is a personal preference.) You will learn to build a workbench, age wood, create natural looking brick walls, and use everyday items to create a certain amount of clutter (brushes, paint tubes, canvas and frame materials, etc.)  You will install the cut glass, build the window, and install backlit LEDs.  The box exterior will be bare, so you can choose an exterior treatment and a frame. 

Dimensions are approximately 18” wide, 9” high, and 10” deep.

April 24, 2019 8am - 8pm & April 25 8am - 1pm


To register, go to the Tom Bishop website.


Creating ambiance and atmosphere with lighting

In this workshop, we will focus on techniques that provide ambience, depth, and feeling to a scene, using different colors and intensities of light sources to create a "stage-like" effect: out of sight, but illuminating different parts of a scene into focus. We will examine the direction and effects of natural and artificial light, and consider several examples of lit vignettes, both interior and exterior, to illustrate the effects different combinations of lighting can create. We will examine the effects of lighting with the unique textures, colors and other properties unique to each lighting scheme. Note: this is not a basic "how-to" wiring/electricity class.

Student Supplies & Tools Needed:  No particular tools needed. This is a learning session.

April 25, 2019 2pm - 5pm


To register, go to the Tom Bishop website.

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