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Currently in progress

For spring 2023 I'm working on a new structure I'm calling "Camford." It is a 1:12 scale model of a quaint house, fashioned after the type of rustic brick house one might find in the Cotswolds. Below are some progress shots. This structure, whether finished or still in progress, will be visible for viewing at the Tom Bishop miniature show in Chicago, April 28-30 2023. 

The main base of Camford is about 30 inches wide, 21 wide, and 23 high (76cm x 53cm and 58 high ), although the protruding kitchen, living and dining nooks extend that. 

floor plan main FL.png

Here I'm adding the staircase in the back, and the fireplace on the left. I was inspired by the rough lines and rustic appearance of the stairs and hearths found in these simple old English country homes. It seems many of these 

places have opted to close off the Inglenook fireplaces and place a stove or heater in the hearth. I opted for a blaze in this version. 


All the stonework is made from foam. 

With the heavy ceiling beams, the living room really starts to come together. There are LEDs in the fireplace, which I will deal with later. 


Here is a view from the living room over to the kitchen area, mostly complete. The tiled kitchen area will have an adjoining section which pivots open for interior access. More to come on that .

Erik Goddard
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