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Window Alcove

Build a beautiful and mysterious one inch scale window scene in a shadow box. The scene portrays a ledge/writing nook facing outward through a window. The ledge offers a place for you to customize to your own taste. In this workshop we will construct the box, assemble the rear scene, add lighting, and build the fore scene and window. Note: frames are very personal, and the one shown is a sample. Please bring your own 5 x 7 frame—it will be necessary to have it to attach the box part of the scene. Any 5 x 7 wood frame with a flat back will do (ie, not metal or contoured back) and with enough frame width to attach to the box.

Student Supplies: A few paint brushes of various sizes, tweezers, exacto knife, mitre box and saw if you have them, and glue such as Weldbond, Ultimate, Annie’s Tacky, etc.

Thursday November 7th 9am - 4:30pm


(Inspiration picture, actual product coming soon)

To register, go to the Philadelphia Miniaturia site.

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Methods for bricks and stonework

We will explore several ways to make convincing brick and stonework, using easily available materials and tools. We’ll work on several sample pieces that will give you a feel for the methods that work best for you, and that you can apply to your own projects. When the samples are built, we will age and weather them using different techniques. 

Student Supplies: A couple of small brushes, a medium brush, tweezers, Exacto knife with a couple of extra blades, a ruler and pencil, and white glue (such as Elmers, or any other kind in the “white” variety).

Friday November 8th 9am - 12:30pm


To register, go to the Philadelphia Miniaturia site.

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Erik Goddard