13 Emerson Street: the cars

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

A 1:24 scale diorama showing a car crash in 1915

The two stars of this diorama are a 1911 and a 1913 Model T. The first step was to build them in a crashed way:

These are ICM kits. ICM makes a whole series of Model Ts and o there vintage vehicles, in addition to their other stuff including a wide armor line. I think these are great kits and everything fits very well, with a couple of exceptions, but a small matter.

I built the 1911 first. Most construction started out fairly routinely, with some modifications toward the midpoint.

I lucked out on this kit: the brass parts on some of the versions come in gray plastic. I got one where they were plated:

Then I made the 1913, same process and a variation at the midpoint:

On the 1913 I was not so lucky: had to paint the brass parts by hand...

When both cars were ready and looked most of the part for a head-on collision, I staged them a bit:

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