13 Emerson Street: finishing the exterior details

With the buildings in place, it's now time to make them look like they've been there awhile.

I made a mistake here. I should have made the cracks in the sidewalk before I laid down the buildings and started putting stuff down. This meant I had to make cracks after the fact, which was harder, but not a huge problem. I just filled in stuff around the edges.

The first and most obvious place is the section in the middle. I intended this to be some sort of "alleyway" type back entrance or side area between the coffin place on the left, and the Lloyds place on the right. Since there's a door (in my mind to the coffin warehouse or factory) it made sense to have some clutter back there that would reflect that.

I started making things to look like rubble. It wasn't until I started gluing things down that I realized I'd need the cracks in the pavement. So I had to retroactively put them in around the obstacles:

The lines came out OK but I will alter them a bit to look cracked and overgrown, with some tufts and other stuff covering them partially.

I also put cracks in the rest of the sidewalk in front of the other buildings. Next I'll make curb section to meet the cobblestones

Next: finishing the exterior details part 2

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