13 Emerson Street: finishing the exterior details part 2

There were a couple of main jobs that needed doing and a ton of little things such as the normal tidying up of trim and what not.

The first thing to finish was the rest of the sidewalk. It really sets the stage for everything else around it. I brought the sidewalk a bit more to life by accentuating the cracks, lightening the concrete, and adding some vegetation:

I added the curbs as well, which still need to be roughed in and blended. I also touched up the bricks and lightened those a bit so they weren’t so contrasty.

For the top of the buildings, i used a dentil moulding for the right side:

The next big item was the seams between the walls. Since all of the walls have different styles of brick and different colors, the inner corners really stuck out where they joined. So I needed a way to take the eye off of that. I knew I was going to have some kind of a downspout system so I came up with a couple different distractions.

For the left side, I added some more stacks of wood.

For the right, I used sprues from the model car kits to fashion some pipes:

After a relative eternity of cutting, molding, shaping, and attaching joins and doing some color touch up, I came up with a ramshackle system which I liked:

With this, I’m pretty much ready to sign off on this middle section.

I also cleaned up the left wall window trim:

I’ll weather that later.

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