13 Emerson Street: the buildings

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Because of the 1915 time period, of course these buildings would likely be brick. I made both walls out of foam board. Since this diorama portrays a slice of a street scene, both the right and left buildings are cut off midpoint, at the edge of the base.

Initially, I used a template to make bricks for both walls.

I liked the lighter colored (left) wall, but the spacing in the right walll was too wide, so I sanded them away. I kind of liked the look of the bare wall after that:

For the right walls I used brick sheets (Plastruct in this case):

With some sanding, layering of paints, the left wall came out really nice:

The right wall had a more concise brick pattern. The lower bay window will go over the shop opening below, covered in the next blog post.

Next: finishing the bay window

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