13 Emerson Street: the cars - final

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

I built the cars early in the project. I assembled them to the point where it looked like a head-on collision, so some of the parts didn’t need to be attached and some needed to be bent or modified to indicate collision damage.

My approach with this crash is that the vehicles struck head on, and then backed up slightly. The driver of the 1913 on the left was pulled out of the broken canopy, while the 1911 on the right was less damaged, being a larger vehicle.

The blue 1913 model T has a shorter canopy. I’ve looked at some reference pictures of crashed model Ts from that time, and most front collisions seem to indicate that the wheels splayed out quite easily, since they did project out to nearly the front of the frame. In this case I did embellish with a broken axle. This may be a tad unrealistic but I liked the effect

The 1911 on the right got bent up pretty badly and it looks like the engine block may have caught on fire.

I placed them at an angle and attached to the cobblestone street, then added more smoke and debris effects. Also add a broken glass of various sizes.

Next: finishing the trim and finalizing the diorama

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