Occurrence at West 71st Street: Unit 21B

With the main building frame in place, then it is time to build out the dimension of each apartment. In this diorama, five (for now) apartments will be available for view; the rest will either be "curtains closed" or otherwise out of sight.

I framed the interior apartment spaces by spanning horizontals across the ceiling dimensions, then dropping vertical beams where the walls/corners/edges of visible space meet. When those structures were in place I used thin micro plywood/aircraft plywood, or 1/16 basswood for walls. In some case (rear walls) I used foam board.

The wiring for lighting either had to go in through the ceiling, or the floor.

Here the overhead lighting is going into place. The TV is a piece of flat wood with black paint and Mod Podge.

I usually make books in this scale out of wood strips, and paint accordingly:

The bookshelf is wood strips with some old laser cut parts meant for some lanters I designed at one point:

Since a painter lives in this apartment, it's only fitting that he has his own works here and there.

A thrift store lamp is all he can afford, so he gets a beat up lamp shade to go with it:

Rice paper glued around a cap:

For the ceiling, I used the back of an old notepad (perfect cardboard thickness), and bending a bit here and there produced nice cracks like you'd expect to see in a plaster ceiling:

Unit 21B still needs more art and will be upgraded as the days go by.......

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