Occurrence at West 71st Street: Unit 31C

There are several apartments in the building with interior views. This occupant features into the back story in an abstract way. There was the usual dealing with walls and floors and lighting. Nothing really special here except I did want to make this occupant's interior a little less dinghy than the first apartment. The lady who lives here gets some nicer overhead lighting. I'm guess she can afford better than what we now know is a painter who lives in 21B.

This scene required the use of a figure, preferably in "stared at" mode and indeed with the right angle, she fit the bill perfectly. Lucky for me, I didn't have to paint her full face or front since she'll only be visible from the backside. I have painted 1/35 figures and the hardest part by far is the eyes and eye details. I was able to evade that this time.

Here you can see the view through the opening and the stairs leading to the next level.

Wonder who did these art pieces? Hm...

For these lights, I retro-fitted them with a tiny nano LED light so it'll last forever. These are mass-produced wall sconces that use those horrible bi-pin incandescent bulbs. Non starter! You can't see that tiny wire from the front (the only viewpoint when the project is completed.)

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