Occurrence at West 71st Street: First Public Viewing

Occurrence, even with the exteriors not finished, made its public debut at the Chicago International miniature show April 27-29 The response was incredible. You could tell there was a fascination with a run-down NYC brownstone portraying detailed scenes of a murder and evidence to suggest a motive. It was great talking with people and answering (to a point) their questions about the story and details.

French TV (France 2) came by to interview me about the piece. They were great guys and knew what they were doing.

Lots of people wanted to know who dunnit, but my advice was to wait until the piece was complete, then think about the evidence presented. After that, I will lay out the story and details as they appear in the building.

Hint: for the literature and opera fans out there, the backstory to this sequence of events is based on Puccini's Tosca, one of my favorite operas. It has all the themes of a good dark opera: love, revenge, betrayal, murder, suicide, jealousy. Not to mention that none of the cast survives.

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