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Creativity and the 'medium' test

If you are artistically and creatively inclined, you more than likely have your niche, whether it's writing fiction, painting, making music etc. I have always been intrigued by the ways different artists are able to express the thoughts in their head and document it or put it down. After all, isn't that act--taking ideas or thoughts in your head and documenting it so that others can see or feel it--the essence of art itself? If you're like me you have lots of ideas but sometimes find yourself frustrated by an inability to effectively get them all "out there" either because the medium takes too long (fiction) or you just have too much stuff in there and you have a bad case of bottlenecks.

If I have something visual in mind, I can generally draw or create a sketch of something I want to document. I can use a keyboard to come up with melodies but it's going to be pretty basic and will take forever. What I'll end up with is functional, but it would be a stretch to call it art. I can paint, do some digital, and will get decent results, but it's nothing like a pro: someone who can just see those lines, angles, dimensions and colors because that's the way their brain is wired. Think of the artists in courtroom scenes. They don't have a lot of time to ponder composition, colors, or layering, but with a handful of pencils, they are able to create the scene just as everyone saw in the courtroom. That amazes me.

But I'm really in awe of artists who think in term of music. That kind of artist is usually able to play several instruments, can think about the micro and macro of layering, and is able to take a thought in their mind, pick up an instrument and just bang it out the basic notes and then start building on it. They may or may not even be able to read music. It doesn't matter. They can feel it and are able to express a thought as music.

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