Excerpt from The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton

“Right. I guess now seems like the perfect transition into the ground rules. They are simple. First, understand that you’re in a remote cabin. If you’re wondering where, the answer’s pretty obvious if you look out the windows upstairs. You’re in the bloody middle of nowhere. So the next time you think about something like you did just now, think also about where you are. If, say, you come on some notion of turning the tables on us and making a run for it, remind yourself you’d freeze to death if you got twenty feet in the snow out there, ‘cuz that’s how deep it is.

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Excerpt from The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton

“But,” Sarah suggested, “don’t we need to find out what he wants to say? I mean, what if it’s about the money, that something’s wrong?” “No. In your demand you did not ask him to embellish. If you rec