Ho Ming: Overview and Modifications

Ho Ming is the name of a Chinese restaurant on the ground floor of a NYC style retro building I made, the type you might find in Chinatown. The upper levels feature views within the apartments through the windows. The timeframe is roughly mid-1970s, as seen in the apartment details and the signs on the restaurant like "air conditioning" which is probably given these days. What's next, color TV?

Bloody hell you don't notice how icky some things look until you see a photo closeup do you... gasp.

I originally built Ho Ming building as a "look through the front windows" only kind of diorama, that is: no access to the interior. However, I'm transforming it to have a couple of buildings on either side to look more like a street scene, and in so doing, decided to make the front removable for access to the inside. That means I had to remove this brick wall in front of the upper apartments and redo it. In the process I am replacing the windows to use glass instead of acrylic. The window frames will look the same, but glass is a lot better choice. I don't care for acrylic because it tends to attract every kind of dust and hair like a magnet, and it scratches if you even look at it the wrong way.

So the first thing is to remove this wall, try to salvage all the brick detail, replace the windows, and retouch the new wall in a removable way.

The windows for the most part turned out to be reusable. The plexi could be removed from most of them, but not all. A couple parts had to be replaced.

Next was to find a thickness of clear glass that would fit in these frames.

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