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Bramfield is a 1:48 scale cottage that would fit nicely into the tiny house movement. It measures 4 1/2 inches tall, 3 wide and 3 long. The first floor has an open room with a fireplace and a ladder leading to the second level. The second level is a room with a dormer and pitched roof overhead, and a small fireplace. The chimney contains two built-in LEDs for the fireplaces. The first and second floors are lit with LEDs.

This workshop is unique in that the main structural parts of the house are pre-built, allowing you to spend less time building and more time adding details and personal touches. There will be multiple options, including at least two variations for the chimney, door hinges, and window patterns. These options must be decided ahead of time in order to prepare for the build day (more details about that will be posted here.)

Note: You will start the shingles, but not finish them in class since they take hours to apply.

You will need adequate vision because of the small size. A light and magnifier may be helpful. Necessary tools include tweezer, knife and extra blades, ruler, paint brushes, preferred glue and way to dispense it in small quantities. 

Friday January 18, 9am - 5pm


To register, go to the Miniature Unlimited site.

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