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The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton

Just completed writing Aug 2021; Publication details soon

The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton

(placeholder cover)

While en route to an appointment, Sarah Easton, student at U.C. Berkeley, is kidnapped through a sublte deception and brought to a remote cabin, where she is forced to record a ransom demand aimed at her father, a hotel magnate. Over the several days of her confinement, she attempts to turn the tables by using her wits and manipulating the strange interpersonal relationships between her three captors. But as these relationships break down and the day of the exchange looms, her careful planning is thwarted at the last minute and she learns that death is in the works for her. Using every resource to escape, she learns the unexpected mastermind behind the kidnapping.

Fiction - Suspense/Crime/Thriller

Erik Goddard