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3 day: The Convent of St. Teresa

The convent of St. Teresa in the remote hills of Spain has remained unchanged for 3 centuries. Yet while the nuns have gone about their business below, no one seems to know who maintains the candle in the room at the top of the stairs.

This is a 1:12 scale project, but very compact, measuring 20x20x10 cm. The magic of this piece is the illusion created by the sense of a room at the top of the stairs, where we cannot see, and by the candle on the table, which appears to have no wires. In the project, you will rig this effects, build the walls and stairs, install the rear window and lighting, and create the table with a choice of scenarios. The painting is an example; that space is for your personal touch, or nothing at all. You will have options to create the frame and exterior to the project. The project is lit with LEDs which can be operated with a battery pack.

Materials fee: 65.00 EUR

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 2 day: Ancient Doorway

Build an ancient doorway, in a small space measuring approximately 15x20 cm, and framed for hanging on a wall.

In this workshop you will learn different techniques to create stone and brick effects, age and weather them, and distress wood. The gold frame is an example, and may vary slightly from the prototype. You will have the freedom to use different colors, patterns and shapes, so that you can apply these techniques to your future projects.


Materials fee: 20.00 EUR


To register, go to the Tune site.

Erik Goddard