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© 2019 Erik Goddard


Much like my visual art, the narrative and fictional themes that interest me are the darker ones of opaque contradiction and upset reality: unexpected things happening in normal situations. That feeling of a midnight occurrence on a sunny afternoon. A shadow with no source of light. A sense of deja vu. Being in a dream from which you cannot awake.​​

Available Titles:


Short story, available as an ebook on Amazon.

On a night filled with increasing uncertainty, four travelers begin to sense that the world around them may no longer include them.

Cuervo is one part of a trilogy of stories centering around a common theme of death, fate, and the unknown. 

cuervo cover.jpg

Work in progress in 2019: 

Occurrence at West 71st Street

An alternative and contemporary take on Puccini's Tosca


Read about the project here.