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Erik Goddard

Works of Fiction


Death, Fate, and the Unknown

Requiem reveals the shadows of a world where the distinction between life and death is blurred. Visitors to a sleepy village are shaken by mysterious events in their hotel. An apparition visible to only some appears on a mountain nearby. The faint voice of her dead sister calls to a woman on a windswept road out of town. Darkly enchanting and tinged with Gothic suspense, the stories in this series are all part of the same world and can be read in any order.


cuervo cover.jpg

On a night filled with increasing uncertainty, four travelers begin to sense that the world may no longer include them.

Currently available as an ebook on Amazon. Print version coming with the addition of new titles.


A brush with death and a series of strange coincidences lead a young couple to a chilling and final realization.

Work in progress 2021

Erik Goddard
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