Scenes & Dioramas

Every piece tells a story, and not every story has a happy ending.


The works shown here are mostly built in 1:87 to 1:24 scale, keeping the overall size relatively small. They range in size from a shoe box to a small end table. Therefore, these items tend to best be displayed either on a shelf, dresser, or end table. Some of the works are framed within a boundary; others are free-standing. Some are housed within a box. In all cases the photos and descriptions will show you the deal.

They make a great conversation piece and are sure to stir great interest when added to your interior decor.

Note: All of the dioramas can be viewed in "Everything" - some  of the works also belong to a series, as indicated.



All the works regardless of series


Habitats Series

Living spaces, in unexpected environments and locations


Movies, Fan Art, Etc

A nod to movies, literature, and other cultural references

2015-04-06 07.09.46.jpg

Art Spaces

Portrayals of studios and workshops


Car Crash Series

You know you want to look


Hitchcock Series

Tributes to the master of suspense


Kubrick Series

Scenes honoring one of the greatest directors of all time

Erik Goddard