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This is a 1:24 or half scale project.


Receive detailed instructions that guide you through the building techniques and detailing to create your own version of this aged and weathered rustic house diorama. Complexity level is high, but with detailed instructions and multiple color photos and diagrams, you will be able to achieve your own work of art. You have the freedom to stray from the prototype and create your own direction, or stay within the specifications of the model structure. Instructions are in PDF format which will be emailed to you to view on your device. 


As an artist, you have the ability to create. You also have many of the paints, tools, finishes, and household items needed to construct the diorama as shown. All you need is some guidance, and that you will receive with the tutorial guide, printed in color and spiral bound. 


Note: this is not a "kit" where you receive all the parts and just put it together. For this project, you receive the PDF instructions, the base and wall materials, wood strips, and electrical parts. 


For tools and supplies you will need to create this project, see the Rustic House supply list PDF

Rustic House (1:24 scale): Build it Yourself Tutorial Guide

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  • 1:24 (half scale)

Erik Goddard
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