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Bedroom window

This window is going to get scrutinized, given its location in a bedroom, above the kitchen and relatively at eye level. So I had to make sure the details were there.

When I make windows like this, I start with the frame. The cutout in the wood may not be square (I use a scrollsaw to cut the openings) so the first order of business is to create a frame within the opening that is square according to "cardinal" directions, that is true X and Y coordinates.

Once those are glued in I cut the glass to fit within that opening.

Then I add the frame strips to hold the glass in place. Then come the mullions.

Sometimes lines don't line up very well and need adjustment. But when I was putting this one together I realized I had a winner. It took very little adjustment except for a couple of the inside panes, because I was building it at a strange angle and "from the side" the whole time. It actually could do quite well as a two-paned window.

But to make it consistent I needed to turn it into a 6-pane like most of the other windows on Camford. Here's a video to see how it went together:

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