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Front roof panels, and an electrical distraction

There are several openings allowing for interior access to Camford. All panels are hinged and lift up. The one on the left exposes the walk-in closet and bathroom adjoining bedroom #1:

The front panels also swing up on hinges, allowing for full wide access to the inside and for viewing.

While I was installing these and testing the lighting, I ended up having to increase the amount of light in the upstairs rooms. This happens sometimes, where initial assumptions that usually prove to be accurate, in this case fall short. When the panels were in place I noticed the upstairs rooms were not being adequately lit with the recessed lighting. I knew during construction that it would be a bit on the dim side but it seemed doable. But when the panels covered the natural light and I saw how they looked, I had to cut into the circuits and add some light which brightened up the rooms dramatically.

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