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Upper level floors

Upstairs in Camford we have two bedrooms and a full bath. The smaller bedroom, shown first, is makes up for its smaller size with a walk-in closet or storage and a window, not to mention direct access to the WC. The larger bedroom, on the other hand, has a fireplace. The floors for the two bedrooms are simple basswood, sanded and stained for just the right look. I like the way the smaller bedroom floors turned out. These were sanded lightly along the edges.

And the hallway floorboards: They are wider, with a bit of a red stain to them. Really liked the way these turned out.

Unfortunately, being a perfectionist doesn't allow me to ignore the floor for the other bedroom. It works, but some of the boards got way too sanded on the top and creates an awkward gap. But hopefully nothing a rug can't cover up.

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